“A platform is a list of the values and actions which are supported by a political party or individual candidate.” It communicate key principles and core ideologies.

I strive to have my actions always support my values. Here are things that are important to me and that I will continue to bring to the table as I represent District 3.

Responsive, Responsible Governing – I bring all my skills to the table to focus on responsive and responsible governing. I have said that my view of the role of Government is to “lead, follow AND get out of the way”. I believe in some cases government can lead. It can move forward with projects that benefit the region and help enhance the activities and values we hold dear. Sometimes government can be most responsive by ‘following’ – assisting citizens with specific issues that come up, aiding the entrepreneurial spirit, clarifying or simplifying rules and regulations. And sometimes government should just get out of the way, making sure that unnecessary barriers to thoughtful, forward progress are removed.

TomtenFarmPic3Holistic Approach – Emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts. Decisions should be made with consideration to more than just the short term outcomes in mind. Rules, regulations and actions may have consequences beyond the obvious. I bring a holistic approach to all my endeavors and will consider the big picture with the small, and the short, medium and long term when making decisions.

Balanced representation – Not everyone agrees! A representative of a region must be an active listener and must seek to understand all sides when a controversy or contentious issue comes up. All residents deserve to be heard. All residents deserve to have their concerns understood. Being heard does not necessarily mean decisions will go your way. I listen and consider dissenting opinions when discussions occur at the county level.

Creative and Constructive Collaboration – I strongly believe that together we can work through any issue. Our citizens – that’s YOU – have amazing stories, abilities, knowledge, wisdom and insight. I believe that through constructive collaboration we can create a future that thrives in San Miguel County.

Ears Not Ego – As the representative of District 3 I listen – not just listen, but to seek out your opinions and input. The position of County Commissioner, in my mind, demands an open mind. Preconceived ideas and overactive egos do not belong.


  • Honoring our agricultural heritage and land stewards
  • Providing opportunities for increasing agricultural opportunities including agritourism
  • Supporting economic diversification in many forms. Understanding and bringing business opportunities to the region as possible
  • Increasing Broadband services – quality and expanded coverage
  • Sensible approaches to Affordable/Attainable Housing
  • Effective Transportation Infrastructure that works to connect us
  • Assisting a Thriving Local Economy by considering appropriate grants and programs
  • Supporting our creative arts community
  • Maintaining and fully utilizing our county infrastructure including the fairgrounds
  • Investigating infrastructure and technological improvements
  • Supporting education and after school opportunities – the youth are indeed our future. They should get a strong education and know that they are a valued part of our community.