Welcome to the Media Page of Kris Holstrom 2016!  Below you will find videos and other media for sharing.

A Statement from Kris about Zero Waste:

“We’ve been working for years in our region to reduce our waste and increase our diversion through recycling and composting. During this campaign I am doing my best to continue to walk the talk. I had hoped to avoid yard signs, but it seems a necessity in our region. However, I have several ideas in mind for reusing and recycling the signs come the end of campaign season. My paper products are all recyclable as well, and I’ll have some items printed on a handmade paper with wildflower seeds embedded in it. Those can actually be planted and if watered will sprout wildflowers!” ~ Kris Holstrom

Kris Holstrom – Telluride, CO. from Kaard Bombe on Vimeo.


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